On sharing the journey

Another postcard from the land of grief

Years ago, before the loss which now overshadows me was even a cloud on the horizon, I was studying for a Master’s Degree in Preaching. As part of a module on post-modernity I looked at various media which caught the spirit of the age. One of them was the advert below, from the St Luke’s advertising agency:

The advert was all about the power of connection – in good times and bad. When I recorded my latest programme for BBC Radio 4, I had no idea of the number of people in the worldwide ‘stadium’ of the radio audience who would sense a connection with it. They have visited this blog in their 1000s, they have written cards, letters, emails and made phone calls. This land of grief has a population far bigger than I had ever realised.

Many of those who have got in touch have expressed their desire to read the book of the ‘Postcards’ and to be kept informed of its progress. Thanks to my publisher, Authentic Media, they can now do just that. Please visit this page and let them know that you are interested. Writing the remainder of the ‘Postcards’ book is proving to be particularly rocky terrain in this land of grief, and your company would be very welcome.

One thought on “On sharing the journey

  1. I look forward to the book. I’ve just shared this in my FB page for my friends in bereavement group. I lost my husband in sept 2017 and I feel alright most times but sometimes I am plunged in utter despair, darkness and hopelessness. But in those moments I do know that my God is holding my hand. I pray that God will help you to finish your postcards book and use it for His glory.

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