Words by the gram

34,000 to go

Those who read my blog yesterday will be aware that the time has come to move on from my current church. Having started here in the Autumn of 1997, life has been quite an adventure – with everything from doors to stars and posadas to ribbons along the way.

Now that the news is public – I must set my sights on the time which remains to me here. So far as I can tell, I have 34 sermons left to preach.  Given that the average length of a sermon for me is about 1000 words – that works out to 34,000.  What do 34,000 words weigh, I wonder? How best to make them count?  After all, the Gettysburg address had only 272 words, Martin Luther King’s famous speech had 1667, and it took God only four words to illuminate the heavens and the earth.

I believe passionately in the power of words to heal, to inform, to fuel the fires of imagination in which new realities are forged – and to articulate faith. I look forward to weighing out my words over the next few months…





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