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A story continued

I first saw the poster below about three weeks ago. It was initially published by the Episcopal Church in1938 when a tide of refugees was beginning to flow across Europe away from Nazi Germany. The phrase which came to mind at the time was ‘plus ca change’. Today another tide of humanity is flowing across Europe again and it seems so contemporary.  Not only that, but when I revisited the story of Mary and Joseph fleeing with the infant before the wrath of Herod, the image came back into mind once more.

Published 1938

Published 1938

Today there is another refugee image grabbing the headlines, as Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau welcomes refugees into the country. I came across the image when someone tweeted it below the words “today, I am proud to be Canadian”. I can see why.         As we tell and re-tell the Christmas story over the next 13 days, surely one of the things it should do is to shape our own story? The love which came down should be love which spreads out, shouldn’t it?







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