Little Owl finds his voice

The launch of an audio book

On September 28th last year I wrote a little story, the Tale of The Little Owl, in aid of children’s charity Momentum. Three days later, I put out an appeal via this blog, Twitter and Audioboo to find illustrators. They were soon found – along with others who could design a cover, write a foreword, format the book for print and publish it. You can read all about these lovely people here. Along the way he has made all sorts of friends – from tweeting dogs to singing wives.

In December last year I found myself with a little time to spare in the studios of Premier Radio after recording some Thought of the Day scripts for the station. My producer, Chris, recorded me reading the book, and passed it onto Elliott, who wrote and recorded some music to go along with it.

Tomorrow, the audiobook will launch worldwide on ITunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play and some 50 other platforms. At 99p it won’t break anybody’s personal bank, but those 99ps could all add up to change a child’s life through Momentum. How about it? Could you lash out 99p tomorrow for a little owl’s tale?


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