A product so good…

…it sells itself

I have not yet seen the Lego movie. That does not stop me feeling that I know all about it though. The adverts, the trailers, the buzz on social media have all functioned as a combined multi-layered fanfare. Not only that, but Lego got a whole bunch of other people to do their advertising for them with the very unusual Saturday night TV break below. With such a popular brand, these other companies seemed happy to play second fiddle to the little studded bricks.

Why would that be? You can find out more about that in this excellent post from Econsultancy. However, the bottom line seems to be that the product is so well loved by adults and children alike that these other businesses knew they would benefit from the reflected glory. Basically – the product is good, and that’s what matters. In the words of Lego’s brand relations director Michael McNally : It wasn’t like we needed a movie to help us sell more stuff.

Every day, in a host of different ways, I handle the best story in the world. How well am I doing it, I wonder? The story is so good and its content so radical that it ought to sell itself, but…


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