Christmas Doors of Teddington (2)

Where do ideas come from?

Ideas can be elusive things.  They pop their heads up over the parapet, play peek-a-boo at your quietest moments, and sometimes drum on the inside of your mind when you least expect it. You can read more about the mischief of ideas here. Since I first started work on the #ChristmasDoors in early January, they have taken a life of their own, and I have had to think hard about where the idea actually came from. In part the project was inspired by the Living Advent in Henley-upon-Thames – a Swedish import to Berkshire. In part it was inspired, too, by the Fairy Doors of Ann Arbor in Michigan.

Since then, though, it has been inspired by those who have backed it with such creativity and enthusiasm.

All these people have added grist to the creative mill – and the sparks of inspiration have flown as a result. Next week I will explain all about how the project works. In the meantime, can you guess the identity of all the ‘secret’ door locations identified below?


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