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On describing the USP

Yesterday we had lots of visitors to our church. At the end of a four-day holiday club attended by over 70 local children there were lots of mums, dads, grandmas, granddads, and other visitors. Over lunch afterwards I was asked by a one of our visitors whether this was indeed a Baptist Church, which I confirmed. I was then asked to describe a baptist church, and I said that every baptist church was different. ‘What about this one?’, the visitor insisted. I talked about being family friendly, warm and welcoming, and he came right back at me saying ‘wouldn’t that be true of every Baptist church’? He wanted our Unique Selling Point there and then.

What would you answer? What should you answer? In the end, I opted for the one word description below.

I would love the church to be a place of comfortable honesty, where both faith and doubt can be expressed without fear of censure. I would like it to be a place where people can explore the path to God where doubts and certainties can both be expressed freely long the way.

How about you?

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