How many on one bike?

A proposal

I don’t suppose many people reading this blog will instantly recall the name of Alex Tew. In 2005 Alex, a student in Wiltshire, was seeking to raise funds for his studies. He created the Million Dollar Homepage – a million pixels arranged in a 1000 x 1000 grid. The pixels were sold in blocks of 10 x 10 pixels at the rate of $1 per pixel, and advertisers could then display their logo in the space purchased, together with a brief description of their business when the cursor hovered over the pixels. The scheme was a runaway success, and netted its inventor $1,037,100. I am inspired…

Image –

On June 8th, as many will know, I shall be cycling 100km through Central London in aid of the wonderful Princess Alice Hospice. Many people have already helped me : a a cartoonist, a printer, a cycle shop and a logo printer to name but a few. One of them is the company in Anglesey who have printed the cycle jersey which you see below. There is plenty of space for other logos on the front…


I love the place where I live, and I have come to cherish my relationship with the shops and businesses who work so hard to give the town of Teddington its character. I would love to carry some sign of them with me as I ride. Here’s the deal: the first 10 Teddington business who donate £25 (or more) to my justgiving page for Princess Alice will have their logo printed on the jersey. There is limited space, so the offer will remain open only until April 30th. Are you up for it?  If so, contact me on Twitter @richardlittleda or via the comments box below.

How many people can I fit on my bike, I wonder?

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