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Bringing out the best

Last Thursday I took a deep breath and a brave (or foolish) decision to ride 100km across London by night for charity. As a man who rarely cycles more than 20 KM this represents something of a challenge!  If you click my logo below, you can find out all about the event and even sponsor me.

richard100logoOn Friday, exactly three months before the event, I shall tell the story of why I am doing it. It is a story of compassion, warmth, humanity and the most remarkable act of worship in which I have ever participated. For now, though, I want to pay tribute to the overwhelming tide of generosity which has flowed ever since I announced my intentions.

Jason – who set side many responsibilities at home and work to design me a logo.

Adam – who devoted many hours of his Saturday to installing a giving widget on this blog.

Rosamundi – who took the time to dig out a training programme for me.

Den – who has offered to print my logo on a cycle jersey for me.

Mark – who is printing business cards to advertise the project for me.

This is to say nothing of those on at least three continents who have promoted the project.

No money has changed hands for any of these things. Instead, they represent the common currency of goodness which drives the social network. People connect with people connect with people because they want to do good. Don’t look for the subtext, question the motives or analyse the data. When a social network such as Twitter allows good to be done – everybody gains – individuals  businesses and charities. To try to unpick who does what for whom or where the exact gains on both sides are to be found is to misunderstand the exchange. As I discovered with the Littlest Star, the possibilities for creative collaboration in a worthy cause are many and various.

I shall look forward to telling you more of this story on Friday. In the meantime, if you wanted to add to the sponsorship, you will be helping Princess Alice Hospice to enhance life when every second counts. It costs them £21,000 every day to do it, so every penny helps.

I, meantime, have an appointment elsewhere between now and then.




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  1. I must now add the lovely Moores Cycles to this list – who have offered their skills, expertise…and tyres to help me

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