Divided by a common language

Honouring our church musicians

When I went on an internet hunt just now to track down the origin of the description of Britain and America as “two nations divided by a common language it amused me greatly that opinions were divided over its source. Sometimes we can’t even agree on how we disagree!

I spent my evening off this week with a highly motivated group of people. Most were singers, some were musicians, and there were a  smattering of sound system operators and a data projectionist. Between them they share a common aim to bring worship to God which inspires and motivates all who participate in it. However, even in such a context, it struck me that there is no common vocabulary of worship. What some take to be inertia, others see as reflection. What some see as participation others see as exuberance. Often we mistake theology for taste and shyness for reluctance. The very language of worship, even amongst those committed to enhancing our experience of it, is full of ambiguity.

In such a context, please pray for every organist, guitarist, drummer, singer and worship leader today. There is little possibility that everything they do will be do your taste, and every  possibility that something they do may trouble you. Stop and ask yourself this: why did they do it? If we can agree on their aim, then perhaps our divergence on their taste will be of smaller consequence.

I am reminded as I write of one particular entry in the book below: behind every great worship leader…there is a minister singing the wrong verse. Guilty as charged!

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