A Dizzee start to the day

When I arrived at the church where I work this morning, there was an unusual start to my day:


As I naughtily thought it would, my tweet caused some degree of surprise on Twitter. There really was no hidden agenda here, and nor is there any notion that the arts are the ‘invention of the devil’ – quite the reverse. The reasons are far more straightforward.

  • Our primary call is to serve God in our community – nothing more nor less.
  • The commitment to those who hire our premises is a covenant of sorts, which means that we do our best for them.
  • A prior commitment to those who have booked and hired means that the arrival of a major filming circus at the last minute is no reason to nudge them aside.
  • The offer of a “substantial donation” from a global brand does nothing to change the above.
  • However we interpret the idea of ‘sacred space‘, all these factors play a part too.

Maybe the world should breathe a sigh of relief that my chance for a walk on part in a hip-hop music video has slipped through my fingers. Book ahead next time, Mr Rascal!

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