An advert…

…for kindness

Instead of writing anything analytical, or incisive, or witty this morning – I simply want to say thank you. I want to acknowledge the rich well of kindness which The Littlest Star continues to tap:

  • I want to thank the cake-maker, who made a thing of beauty when a pretty thing would have done. Click here to see it.
  • I want to thank the photographer who took five or six photos and edited and finished them when one might have done.Click here to see it.
  • I want to thank the BBC producer who didn’t stop at recording an interview, but took time and effort to record not one, but two music tracks to accompany it, selecting the best one to complement the story.
  • I want to thank the local bookshop manager who not only welcomed me, but set up a beautiful story corner and acted as the perfect host.
  • I want to thank the local cafe, who not only took copies of the book, but who asked to keep them on the counter and make further efforts to sell them.
  • I want to thank the friend in Slovakia, who responded within twenty minutes to my request to send evidence of the book’s arrival there. Click here to see it.
  • I want to thank the bookseller who yesterday created the page below, and is now selling the book with free postage ‘because its the least we can do’.

Those of you who have read the book will know that the Littlest Star thinks he is not ‘terribly exciting at all’. It would seem that he is wrong – and that on his sparkly journey he is bringing the best and most generous and creative out of everyone he meets!

Click the image to buy the book – post free

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