Enemies – really?

Perspective under attack

I am not an Anglican and I am not a woman. These two things mean that my understanding of the passions within and history behind the General Synod debate on women Bishops are necessarily limited. I cannot pretend to understand the depths at which my beloved colleagues within the Anglican Communion feel these things. That said, I have been deeply troubled to see an image passed around as an ‘appetiser’ for the debate. It reads “Keep calm and pray for your enemies” in white letters on a red background. Those who have done it have used it, I am sure, as a light-hearted reminder to retain an  authentic Christian perspective within the debate. Despite that, I find it altogether out of context:


To see the word ‘enemies’ in such a context on the same day I read the Israeli Deputy Defence Minister calling for a ‘holocaust’ on Gaza and another public figure calling for it to be ‘flattened – no electricity, no gasoline, no moving vehicles – nothing’ seems indescribably wrong. People either side of that dispute – outraged Israelis and frightened Palestinians, are enemies. People on two sides of a theological discussion within an institution committed to the love of Christ are surely not?

If you are a person who prays – then pray for perspective today – in both disputes!

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