A dog’s view of loyalty

Ginny speaks

Readers of this blog who preach will be familiar with the sermon-put-to-bed-but-what-about-the-children feeling. I was struck by exactly that feeling as I laced my shoes on for a dog walk yesterday morning. This was the result, shared this morning and very warmly received.


Yesterday morning I looked at Ginny as I put my shoes on, and she looked back at me, willing me to hurry up. I said to her : ‘what shall I say to the children tomorrow morning about loyalty to Jesus?


This is what she said – or would have done if she weren’t a dog.


Always walk together, because together is good.


Always listen just as hard as you can to him.


Don’t run too far ahead of him.


And don’t lag too far behind him either.


If you get separated from him – be sure to hurry right back.


Hold on tight to him when things are scary.


You can always be yourself – just the way you are, with him.


Try to help him with the important things if you can.


Pay close attention to the Bible.

Do all that – she said, and you will know what loyalty is all about. Simple!




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