An Easter story

Struggling a little for a children’s talk for Easter, I came across some people this morning on Twitter who had made an Easter Garden with a biscuit as the stone from the tomb. Inspired by them, and a 3-mile walk with the dog – the following emerged. If you are looking for an idea for tomorrow – please feel free to borrow it! Happy Easter:

When Jesus was born, there was a party on heaven and earth


You might have thought that the King of Kings would spend his time  hobnobbing with the rich people.



In fact, he did not. To the poor people he was a cracker (and with Jacob in his family line too).


When they were hungry after listening to his stories, he gave them tuc to eat.


He turned water into wine (or bourbon, in this case)



The religious people, though, did not like him. The didn’t want him in their club – and got rid of him.


The poor disciples thought he had gone a wafer ever.


They could not have been more wrong – and found a lovely surprise when they came to the garden tomb on that first Easter morning.


In all this, we should not forget that right at the heart of it all – is the love of God.


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