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A postcard on the postcards

Thank you for  visiting here after hearing ‘Postcards from the Land of Grief’ on BBC Radio 4 on Sunday October 21st 2018. It is clear that the programme has helped many including some recently bereaved and I am sorry that I am unable to respond individually to all those who have been in touch.  As I pass through my own ‘land of grief’ my capacity for doing so is not what it might have been. The programme is currently available to listen to again here , and you can also click ‘show more’ for a written script which includes the music and CD tracks.  For some practical help, please visit this page at Sue Ryder. You may also find it helpful to join in with the Sue Ryder Online Community here, where you can connect with others facing similar issues. I am delighted to say that when ‘Postcards’ is published next year, all royalties will go to Sue Ryder’s wonderful work.

This land of grief is a strange and daunting landscape, and I am honoured to have provided some companionship for you within it, even for a little while.



2 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. Hi Richard
    It was a blessing to listen to you on Sunday. I struggle beiing in this strange land of grief myself and your words were rather comforting and healing. I loved the courage tree and hope to look for my courage tree too when I feel the need for it.
    Can I share your blog with my bereavement group as most of the people who come there are not internet savvy as they are mostly elderly. I was thinking of perhaps printing it out and giving it to them. They do like a good read. We always share tips and reading materials to help each other out. God bless.


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