Flare-path 20

Glimmers of advent hope


Alfred Delp was a courageous young Jesuit priest, imprisoned in Nazi Germany for knowing too much. He was held in solitary confinement, hands in chains, until his execution. His advent sermons, smuggled out of the prison in his washing, constitute the most remarkable statement of advent theology I have ever encountered. Last year, I suggested the idea of a collaborative advent calendar, celebrating the defiance of advent hope against the darkness. This year, in my own particular darkness – it seems more appropriate than ever. Each day one of Alfred Delp’s advent sayings will be displayed here from the calendar below.



One thought on “Flare-path 20

  1. God bless you Richard, in a time of deep sorrow there remains a small flame that glows, reflecting His love for you. His love for all people. Slowly but surely that light reaches the furthest, darkest corners, bringing warmth with it. Rest well and as you grieve look up to Him as He reaches down to you. God bless.

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