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An encounter with Fuelcast

A few months ago, I was approached by Fuelcast, a new ministry aiming to bring a Bible-based, devotional video to subscribers’ inboxes every weekday. Prior readers of this blog will not be surprised that my mind went to Jonah as source material for three such films. The soggy prophet and I have a long shared history, and there was a certain puzzle which deserved rather more of an airing.

In the last week of June the small film crew of three arrived at Newbury Baptist  Church to film the videos with me. There were two things which struck me immediately about them. The first was their professionalism – in a new environment they set about the task of setting and lighting the shoot with a practised ease born of experience. The second was a deep- rooted sense of mission. These busy people add their work for Fuelcast on top of other commitments because they believe they have a calling to do so. As they set up the cameras, as they edit the footage, as they publish it to the library – heart and mind are set on the people who will watch the films. Those people might be in a messy kitchen, a minister’s office or on a busy train – but all may be in need of inspiration, and Fuelcast are there for them.

The three films below are my first venture before a camera, and I’ve a feeling I have a lot to learn.All the same, I hope you find some inspiration in them…

  1. No cardboard villains

2. A psalm is born

3. Worms and worries

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