Indefatigable hope…

…still there

Earlier today my wife and I sent this update out to many far and near.


As most of you are aware, Fiona has suffered some serious health problems in recent years.  Some months ago, it became clear that her cancer had become active again and that there was no further effective treatment.  Until now this has not had a significant impact on our daily lives, but recent weeks have been more challenging and so we felt that it was time to share this news.

In April 2012, Richard wrote a blog post called Easter and the Second Shoe.  Written at the time of Fiona’s first relapse (and followed by Advent and the Third Shoe and Treasures of Darkness) it speaks of the Christian’s ‘indefatigable hope’.  Five years later we retain our confidence in the power and purposes of God, and ask you to join with us in praying for courage and wisdom in this new season.

4 thoughts on “Indefatigable hope…

  1. My wife Liz and I have heard through Alice McDermott at Watford, the news concerning Fiona’s health situation. The purpose of this email is to assure Fiona and you, Richard, that we both will be praying earnestly for you and as you have felt led to share this news, we will be asking some members of prayer chains, here in the West of Scotland and beyond to bring your names before our Lord.

    God bless you both,

    Tom and Liz Davison

  2. Dearest Richard and Fiona,

    There no words we can say that will take away this news but those words spoken to God will not fall of deaf ears.
    We will be praying for you both, that you have… strength, courage and guidance through this difficult journey.

    Clare & David

  3. Oh Richard.
    I am sorry to hear this.
    Your faith is strong and your love and kindness are boundless. I’m sure your wife is as full of faith as you.
    After the loss of my mother recently and then my step father I am more convinced of the presence of God and angels. I no longer believe there is reason to fear the other side.
    I send you both love and peace.
    You have been a fantastic positive voice in our lives (mine & Bryn’s) and if there is something we can help with please let us know. We will pray for you and for Fiona.
    Sam Xx

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