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A switch in perspective

Around this time of year somebody like me is bound to be asked something like this: ‘don’t you disapprove of all the stuff and nonsense surrounding Christmas’?  In fact, I was asked something very similar on a live radio show a couple of weeks ago. My answer would generally be that I do not disapprove. After all, if God could be found ‘in amongst the mess’ on the first Christmas, why should the same not be true now? A God who can be found in a feeding trough of a borrowed shed on the back of a pub could surely be found in amongst the tinsel too?

The thing is, though, Christmas is surely more about God finding us than the other way around? It is all about Him going to inordinate lengths and crossing an inconceivable gulf to find us. Christmas is about God speaking our language that he might be understood. It was in order to make exactly that point that I used the advert below during last night’s carol service. See what you think…

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