A constellation to launch a star

Thoughts on creative collage

When I was at Primary School, my heart used to sink in an art lesson when the teacher would say that we were going to ‘make a collage’. All that sticking and pasting made an awful mess – and anyway, it wasn’t ‘proper’ art. ‘Proper’ art was a picture or a painting, or even a story which I had made by myself – mistakes and all. Many years, lots of creative projects and a number of books and broadcasts later – I am no longer of the same opinion!

I spent most of yesterday as the guest of the staff at Lion Children’s, and was able to see first hand how much difference a committed, creative team can make to any project. My little book, launched in a remarkable 29 days in 2011, has now undergone enormous changes:


Everywhere I looked, there was evidence of the creative energy which has been poured into this project. From the posters which will go to the shops…

newposter…to the mock-ups of different versions, and even a cake!


In the end, though, it is all about the story. Yesterday’s highlight was definitely the moment where a group of literary professionals became children, just for a moment – and savoured the story:


In the hands of such people, I have no doubt that the Littlest Star will fly again – further than it has ever done before.



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