A note is played

With a sprinkle of musical magic

Those of you who have followed this blog over the years will know all about some special stories which have been close to my heart.  Littlest Star and Little Owl both found their way out into the world and made some difference in the lives of those who read them.  On both occasions their journey from concept to publication was propelled by the generosity and creative energy of people whose heartstrings were plucked by the charities concerned.

This year, whilst churches, schools and individuals focus on the precious gift of a child, others will turn away.  Theirs are the 1 in 4 pregnancies in the United Kingdom which end in early miscarriage or still birth. For those couples there will be no candle-light reflected in a baby’s eyes this year.  Their Christmas will be uninterrupted by a baby’s cry and the sorrow lingers on. It is for people such as those that Tommy’s exist – funding research, providing advice, accompanying the parents who wait and wait for good news.

It is for those people that this story is released this Christmas. When The Note finds its way onto people’s devices and into their ears and hearts, it will do some good all along the way. Money from every sale will go to Tommy’s to help fund their work.

The Note will be released on iTunes and all other digital platforms on Friday December 18th, price 99p. Please put the  launch date in your diary. Please tell your friends all about it. Please help someone who waits for a baby’s cry this Christmas.

If you can’t wait that long, try the sample below…


CLICK to hear the magical sound

CLICK to hear the magical sound








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