In praise of clutter

A providential moment

As some of you will know, I have spent the past few Sunday evenings preaching on ‘overheard prayers’. With somebody else preaching this Sunday evening, I took the opportunity to recap on the prayers heard thus far, and see what people remembered. On the flipchart below you can see some of the answers, complete with my mis-spelling of paranoia.

As is often the case with a busy week, once Monday comes the clutter from Sunday is quickly forgotten. That is how the flipchart below came to stand all alone in church, presiding over several buggy parks as parents came and went for a variety of preschool activities. When a person in distress came into the church with a friend to pray, she took one look at the words on the paper and said ‘that is how I feel’. My clutter had become her visual aid, and a heartfelt prayer ensued.

I know that none of us need any encouragement to clutter, but it is good to know that just very occasionally it might have its uses!


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