Happy Birthday, Littlest Star

One year on…

Every time I read the tweet below, I have to pinch myself to believe that it really happened.

Less than three weeks after the tweet was sent, ‘The Littlest Star’ was on sale in local shops and on-line  In the intervening weeks it had been illustrated, designed, formatted, printed, and promoted. It would go on to be read in shops, churches and the Shooting Star Hospice, as well as featuring on numerous radio programmes, including a live broadcast on Christmas morning. It has since visited international book fairs in three countries, been translated into German, been commended by a member of the UK Cabinet, and is now under consideration by publishers at home and abroad. To date it has raised nearly £2000 for Shooting Star Chase. With the Shooting Star Chase hospices costing over £23,000 per day to run, it is a small drop in the ocean – but a valuable one nonetheless.

Throughout this year, I have been overwhelmed time and time again by the generosity of those who have donated time and talents to the Littlest Star. Everyone, from those who have illustrated, designed and printed it – to the people who have taken it to shops and packed it into envelopes, has been unstinting in their kindness. Just last week, I asked a local cake-maker if she would make a cake for this special birthday. She not only made (and donated) the cake you see below, but invested hours in decorating it to look exactly like one of the illustrations in the book. A local artist then came in to take the photograph below – again at no cost.

Deep within us is a fundamental goodness of spirit towards those who are in need, and this little book has served as a tool to unlock it. The tale of the Littlest Star seems to charm wherever it goes. Why not order yours here today? At £2 it makes a perfect stocking filler, or maybe part of your Secret Santa gift at work?

To read the rest, click the image and buy the book!

To read ALL the information on the Littlest Star, including radio script and newspaper articles. Click HERE.

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  2. Hi, I´d like to order your book, but on the web site, I can´t choose my country (Slovakia), is it any chance to have your book?

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