Saints in your pocket

Coining a phase

Today (as mentioned in yesterday’s post) is All Saints Day. This is a good day to look back over the past year and remember those who are no longer with us, but whose influence lingers on. If you have a £2 coin in your pocket or purse, make sure you feel it once in a while today. Run your fingers round the milled edge of the coin, and ‘read’ the letters written there with your fingertips  When the Royal Mint first issued the coin in 1994, they were looking for a memorable phrase to engrave round the coin’s edge. In the end they picked a sentence from a letter written by brilliant scientist Isaac Newton to his friend Robert Hooke:

‘if I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants’

The last six words of the phrase now stand on the coin’s edge.

Think back to those who have preceded you to heaven this past year. What have they contributed to your life? How has their faith or their insight enabled you to see further? The chances are, their contributions to your life are worth far more than £2.


2 thoughts on “Saints in your pocket

  1. That quotation from Isaac Newton has always interested me as being a variation on something much older, Bernard of Chartres’ comment that we may be mere pygmies in comparison with our forebears, but we see further because we are ‘pygmies perched on the shoulders of giants’. Sometimes I wonder.

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