Going Latin

The trouble with Latin

‘Going Latin’ can have all sorts of connotations in theological circles. If you are a hardcore protestant and start bandying too much Latin about, people will think you have been sucked into the gravitational pull of Rome.  If you are a theological lightweight, you may inject the odd Latin phrase into your argument to give the appearance of gravitas. If you do so, though, you must be sure of your phrases and when to use them.

I suspect that when Government Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell was at school he probably pencilled in his Latin book, as generations had done before him, that :

Latin is a language as dead as dead can be

It killed the ancient Romans, and now its killing me.

His casual use of the Latin description ‘Pleb’ may have done more to ruin him than any lessons at school ever did.  With its reference back to a deeply divided ancient society where Patricians served and Plebeians served, his bad-tempered exchange may have turned over a stone with all manner of things crawling beneath it.

Who would have thought that Latin would be back in fashion on a comic t-shirt or two? Within the past week, one or two off-duty police officers have been seen wearing the t-shirt below, from funkytshirt.co.uk:

Image: funkytshirt.co.uk


What is Latin for “me and my big mouth”, I wonder?


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