If Lego did sermons

Accidental beatitudes

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post for bible-reflections.net on beatitudes for the digital age. You can read it here if you missed it first time around. This morning, when reading a post on brand marketing by lego-inspired branding guru Martin Lindstrom, I thought I was seeing double! Lindstrom lists ten principles of social-media brand marketing, each illustrated with examples of best and worst practice. It is well worth a read for anybody who communicates, whether through social media or other means. The post really deserves to be read in full, but below are some samples

  • Don’t do to kids what you wouldn’t do to your own
  • Align perception with reality
  • Be 100% transparent
  • All your endorsements and testimonials must be real – don’t fake them

Here’s my question though – aren’t they all obvious? To me they stand out like a lego brick on a blank page. What do you think?

Image: ukshopping.com
NOTE that Lindstrom was awarded the first ever green brick manufactured by LEGO out of gratitude for his services and advice

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