Do you live here?

Not waiting but waiting

Lot’s of Christians, I think, spend the whole of their lives waiting for their one big opportunity to do something really important and significant for God. The trouble is, whilst they are sitting in the waiting room, train after train departs bound for opportunity, and they are not on it.

Later this morning I shall be preaching on Philip the Evangelist – a man who caused a spiritual revolution in Samaria, set a train of events in motion which led to founding of the 8 -million strong Kale Hywet church in Ethiopia, and ended his days playing host to the Apostle Paul, with his four amazing daughters by his side. The thing is, this astonishing adventure all started with him being a kind of glorified waiter.  Philip started out as a decent bloke who could be trusted, along with six others, to make sure that no-one went hungry. You can read the story here.

Don’t miss the train!

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