Reflecting on the Disciple’s Way

What matters most?

I have just been processing the feedback sheets which came from all the participants on the Disciple’s Way. As well as suggesting a number of helpful improvements, people also highlighted the one most memorable thing they had learnt. Crunched through the magic of Wordle, it is not hard to see what came out as most important:

In the earthy colours of the dusty road, there are four words which jump out especially: journey, companion, needs and others. The wordle was not manipulated in any way to emphasise these words – they have emerged purely on the frequency of their mention. Given the discussions I had before the course began on the place of the apostrophe in its title – this is interesting. The course is called the Disciples Way, since every disciple must make their own pilgrimage of faith. However, we make  those journeys of faith alongside each other- which is why the course empahsised such things as the importance of companionship and the duties of fellowship.

If the dream is realised and the course finds its way into other churches, it will be interesting to see whether their ‘wordles’ come out in the same way.

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    • It is in deed a course I have written/ delivered. At present I am seeking to get it published, as there seems to have been wide interest in it beyond my own church and context.

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