Art imitating life…

… or maybe enhancing it?

I spent Thursday this week at a fascinating, if heavy, meeting locked away in a basement in London. The statistics about the state and future of the global church were enough to make your head reel. Every perspective, from the language to the relative strengths of the church in Global South and Global North were challenged.

Emerging several hours later, I walked past this junction box on the corner of two major roads – and saw what I had missed. Brilliant, isn’t it? Whoever the urban artist is has taken an ordinary view across the two lanes of traffic and turned it into a Van Gogh -esque vision of colourful intensity and playful perspective. I wish I knew who the artist was – we could have done with her or him in the basement…

Photo of St George the Martyy: Alan MacFaden, photo of urban art... taken on my phone!


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