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One of the great things about cruising through the news online, and especially via the medium of Twitter, is that it throws up altogether unexpected juxtapositions. Today I encountered the touching wisdom of a 12-year old, and the bizarre ‘learning’ of an academic side by side.

In Today’s Telegraph, 12-year old Charlie Williams reflects on his experience of living through cancer and concludes that ‘Cancer has made me take a step back and look through the window of life at what is ahead of me’ . Spare a few minutes and read the full article here.

In a separate development, evangelical ‘scientists’ in Kansas announce that gravity is not a force, but an ‘intelligent falling’ caused by God pushing things down!

You choose where the wisdom is to be found…

Images: telegraph.co.uk and theonion.com

[NB: The Onion is in fact a spoof news site – all too easy to be taken in! Decided to leave the post up though…since it directs you to Charlie Willams’ remarkable (and genuine) words.]

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