Marvin meets Solomon

A paranoid Android assists with Ecclesiastes

Whenever preaching on the more difficult books of the Bible, I have always found it better to acknowledge their particular challenges. Thus, Romans has its particular heaviness, Revelation its particular weirdness, and with Ecclesiastes there is a distinct air of melancholy. Watch the short clip below, and then try reading Ecclesiastes 1 v. 2 – 11 in the voice of Marvin.

See what I mean?

Having acknowledged one of the fundamental difficulties with a book like Ecclesiastes, it is then possible to say more about its strengths.

If you would like to get more idea of where the sermon went after Marvin’s helpful introduction, feel free to click the link below…although you’ll have to contact me via comments if you want to know more about the Fed-Ex effect!

Ecclesiastes 1

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